Kindergarten (3 – 6 Years)

We create safe environment for children to explore, experiment and learn through play

Our Kindergarten Studio cater for children aged from 4 to 5 years of age. At Loganholme Early Learning we are not just a early education and care services but we are our own little community that is here to support, care, and develop partnerships.

At Loganholme Early Learning, our Kindergarten is run by an Early Childhood Teacher. Our Early Childhood Teacher has a university degree and is approved to deliver a kindergarten program. Our Kindergarten program is created to enrich the children’s knowledge and development to prepare them for formal schooling the following year. We like to focus on ensuring our Kindergarten children are socially and emotionally ready to take on their next milestone.

We are here to support you and your child in this transition into our centre and prepare them for formal schooling. We aim to provide our families and children with warm, responsive educators that will nurture your child and provide learning opportunities to help your child grow, develop and learn through play confidently in a safe, supportive learning space.

We believe in providing the children with consistency, warmth, compassion and a secure environment for them to feel confident in exploring and learning through play at our centre.

Loganholme Early Learning educators in the Kindergarten Studio are fully attuned with the individual development, interests and needs of each child. Understanding each child’s individual personality, interests, development is the foundation of our program for our Kindergarten Studio.

What does this look like in our Kindergarten Studio?

  • Implementing activities and experiences that promote team building, positive social interactions
  • Express and be involved in selecting resources and activities of an interest to them
  • Providing opportunities to explore and strengthen each child’s fine motor skills
  • Learn through play
  • Participate in group activities, turn taking and sharing skills
  • Incorporating problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Continue to learn and explore empathy, respect and appreciation for other individuals and their environment
  • Strengthen self help skills and communication skills to express their needs and wants
  • Encourage the children to question and critically reflect on the activities and learning environments
  • Promote a language rich environment where songs, literature and writing are the foundation of their daily routine
  • Continue to introduce and strengthen children’s understanding of different mathematical concepts

Meet our Kindergarten Team:

Rhiannon has a Bachelor of Education, current first aid, anaphylaxis, asthma and CPR training.
Rhiannon has been apart our early learning community since 2020.
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Your pre-schooler is fascinated by the world around them and will ask lots of ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions. When it comes to understanding, your child knows about opposites like big/small and more/less and concepts like ‘on’, ‘in’ and ‘under’.

Your child’s memory is developing. For example, they can remember nursery rhymes and might even repeat them back to you. They’ll also start to point out letters and numbers that they remember and name them, and can count up to four objects and sort them by colour and shape.


Family Testimonials

We’ve got an average on Google and Facebook

One of the most efficient, happy and nurturing centres I have had the pleasure of interacting with. The staff are exceptional and work well as a team, with families and with the wider community. My children love it here and I am confident that they are stimulated and well cared for. I credit the amazing staff here for helping my eldest with her speech in particular. You won’t regret having your child here. 10/10
Sarah Ulloa
The staff are a 10/10. They are not only caring, passionate and inventive but pay close attention to each child’s needs. I feel confident leaving my child in the hands of the staff and that she is well looked after.
Rachael Coutlis
The staff at Loganholme Cubby care are absolutely amazing! They always go the extra mile with the children. Highly recommend this centre
Tammy Woder
The staff are really caring, friendly, approachable and generally love their job. They are constantly coming up with creative activities for the kids with some great programs being run as well. I trust them. It's a really easy centre to work with being open long hours and all food and nappies provided
Amy Perske

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