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Linguistic Intelligence

Communication Program

Our Communication Program has been designed to develop strong literacy skills by teaching children about sound, expression, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking.

The program is integrated with a recognised multi-sensory phonics program – as used in many primary schools. It supports children to recognise print in the environment, look for visual clues, and retain new information about letters, labels and sounds.

Phonemic awareness is the art of being able to hear the sounds of speech in oral language. This is encouraged through interactive stories and rhymes. Additionally, our rooms have dedicated reading areas and the older age rooms have writing stations to help to develop handwriting.

Research has shown that learning to read at a young age is excellent for brain development, gives your child a distinctive advantage and sets them up for academic success.

We introduce secondary languages which stimulates the child’s intellectual abilities by creating enhanced neural networks in the brain and teaching the child alternative ways of thinking and processing information.

We believe in nurturing a love of lifetime learning in every child.

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