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Scientific & Mathematical Intelligence

Planet Earth Program

Our Planet Earth Program has been designed to develop children’s logical reasoning,

to increase their capacity to understand everyday maths, science, technology, engineering and environmental concepts.

Through investigation, hands-on activities and experiments, the children gain an appreciation for the importance of these activities. Children enjoy a wide range of challenging numeracy and scientific activities that are perfect for learning, and keep the children engaged and excited.

Our program encourages active problem solving and the autonomy to figure things out independently. Using a wide range of materials, children learn to manipulate not through rote but rather through memorisation, prediction and estimation. The program also encourages children to develop logical reasoning skills when presented with objects and data.

Our Planet Earth Program is also about encouraging children to understand, respect and care for the natural environment.
Sustainability is central to our philosophy, and our program provides opportunities for children to gather knowledge about the natural world and how individual and collective actions can have an impact.

This Program is also about getting children out and about into nature and/or bringing nature and animals to them, so they can really, truly experience it for themselves.

Children are inspired to engage through nature and a natural curiosity for the wonders of the world.

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