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Emotional & Social Intelligence

“Me” Program

Our “Me” Program has been designed to assist children to understand and manage their feelings as well as identify and respond to the feelings of others.

Our program encourages co-operative play, cultural awareness and builds confidence for children to explore new challenges, while guiding them to make positive choices and assisting them to reach their full potential.

In this program we nurture relationships that help children building safe, secure attachments and develop trust to enable them to have strong relationships throughout their life. We encourage independence and autonomy, teach them how to participate both in a team setting as well as confidently as individuals. The children develop an understanding of their own feelings, and how to respect and have empathy for others, as well as develop positive co-operative friendships and understandings of consequences.

Within a supportive environment, children are assisted to make the transition from home to school by implementing predictable routines and also fostering specific skills that they will need when they enter the school environment.

Our program encourages children to find their own unique interests, and cultural diversity is addressed in a positive manner. This program also supports the relationships that children build with each other by providing opportunities for interacting and bonding. Children are also encouraged to embrace leadership and to set an example for their peers.

What we come to believe about ourselves in our childhood lasts a lifetime. Our program instills a sense of confidence, worthiness and resilience that ensures your child is headed for success!

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