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Creative Intelligence

Talent Program

Our Talent Program has been designed to assist children to explore their expressive, artistic and creative talents. It promotes communication, confidence and self-esteem.

Because young children are captivated by music and sounds, our music/art studio is an environment where children can experiment with creating their own music. In this environment the children are the musicians, composing and often sharing their music with others.

We encourage and nurture realistic expectations through meaningful activities and involvement within this sensory-rich environment, giving children a special space to be creative and find new ways to express their ideas and feelings.
In this program we explore music and movement, singing, dramatic and imaginative play, media and artistic expression through various medium.

Art materials are provided, and experiences are kept intentionally open-ended so the children can have fun while using their imaginations. Educators encourage the children to represent real and imaginary experiences with their art, and they also talk to the children and ask questions about what they’ve created.

Children are provided with diverse examples of visual art and children are encouraged to draw on their cultural backgrounds when expressing their creativity.

Dance and movement is also included in our program, and children are encouraged to use movement creatively and to describe their experiences.

Fostering all areas of creativity so you child will find their passion and love...learn...grow!

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