Under New Ownership

What is an Emergent Curriculum?

Every child has their own strengths, challenges, interests, and ideas.

Our curriculum allows our early childhood teachers focus on each child, respond to their needs, and plan a learning program that's tailored to them and like-minded peers.

Our curriculum is child-led and educator-framed, where teachers observe your child and take into account their interests, understandings, and aspirations when planning activities and projects. Instead of being set in stone, these learning programs are flexible and responsive, evolving over time to meet your child's spontaneous and changing needs.

This curriculum builds on your child’s existing strengths and knowledge, encouraging them to think in new ways, and develop a greater understanding of the world, whilst teachers:

• Really get to know your child

• Listen to their thoughts and ideas

• Give them time and space to follow their interests whether individually or in groups

• Look out for key learning opportunities

• Build on your child's previous learning and extend their current interests

Although teachers are guided by and responsive to your child, our curriculum recognises other influences as well. To help plan meaningful and relevant learning experiences, educators will also consider:

• Their own interests and priorities as an educator

• Your family's interests and any concerns

• The physical environment at the service

• The social environment

• The values that underpin your child's education and care

Our curriculum is child-centric and fluid. Under-fives have a say in what they learn, and educators keep pace with their changing interests to actively promote knowledge-building.

With a focus on both play and tailored learning, this learning approach provides countless opportunities to have fun, learn lots and grow as a person.

Your child will have a chance to:

• Make learning choices, follow their interests, ask questions and wonder about the world

• Take part in exciting, challenging and motivating learning experiences

• Remain focused, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning program

• Express themselves, build language skills and develop their creative abilities

You can expect to see various activities and projects happening in separate classrooms, with children working independently or in small groups, and following their interests.

As children's interests change and their learning develops, educators will offer a range of new activities and projects, including some that groups can work on over days or weeks. For instance, preschoolers might find themselves growing a seed in cotton wool and asking things, like ‘Where does the water go when you water plants?’ or ‘How long will it take to sprout?'

Our curriculum is a great way to pique your child's interest, keep them engaged and extend their learning, which is exactly what is needed for every little learner.

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